May 2, 2018

Can i break it now!! I would like to increase the frequency of the high voltage output of my ac ignition coil driver. This whole line of questions stemmed from this Thread on a Motorcycle Forum I belong to. The signal generator can have its own battery or just run from the same source as the coil. Inductance is 7mH and the current is mA. I think I have found the problem but I want to be sure before I go out and buy more equipment!! I dont think the RC1 arrangement would be protecting this would it?

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The damage rmcybernetics ignition coil start happening between the layers so you may not see it at first or until the power is high enough. A 2n is not suitable because it has a breakdown voltage of just V. The transistors wont determine the current flowing in your circuit. It is adjusted to get the maximum output from the two ignition coils.

A pair of them used and pulsed at opposite times and with opposite voltages would work much rmcybernetics ignition coil. It depends on the manufacturers specs for the ignition coil used. They are smaller than a car battery, rmcybetnetics provide more than enough current, rmcybernetics ignition coil will not be ruined by back EMF.

DIY Homemade Mini Plasma Gun – RMCybernetics

You need to use a normal wire with a metal conductor. Just write a use at your own risk rmcybernetics ignition coil. The only differences though is that is uses only 1 2N My plan was to use a auto coil. I just have two more questions. Drill a rmcybernetics ignition coil through rmcybernetics ignition coil ball at the top of the coil. Ok, so, it cant be done with a single transistor?

Rmcyberjetics use whatever you have available. My setup is like the first image on this page, using a basic timer astable multivibrator. If you know of any simple way around this it would be very useful.

For protecting it, should I employ the snubbers you have? They are all different types. Alex, A drawer handle from a DIY store. I was toying around with it, and a large arc jumped between the HV output and the negative terminal of the coil.

A larger capacitor will allow more AC current to pass through it. I want to know what kind of wire I need, what kind of support I need to coil it around, if I have to coat the secondary with anything rmcybernetics ignition coil Above that the arc dies, but I can still the coil humming. They will burn out if rmcybernetics ignition coil across 12V.

I tried a laptop charger says 16V 3. Rmcybernetics ignition coil, I have been reading up on Tesla Coils, it has come to my attention that they can produce x-rays from the high frequency AC.

Der strom, It is not likely to help unless you just make brief pulses at a ignitiln low frequency. Can you send a photo labelling them? What changes would be required to this rmcybernetjcs if a hall effect sensor and a igbt was used in place of T1 and T2? Using this circuit rmcybernetics ignition coil a capacitor of about 1uF for C1 will give DC pulses every second or so.

You need to spend some time following the links and reading other articles so that you can gain an understanding of what is involved.

Hay, just wondering if it would be posable to use a laser Ihave no rmcybrenetics of type, power or rmcybernetics ignition coil to create an ionized pathway for the enagey to travel?

PCB artwork coming soon for anyone whos interested. The diagram you sent to me is correct. I think that I need to switch the TIP with something faster. I am not going to use the HV to create sparks rather…I am using it to use in HV experiment in vacuum tube discharge. Hi RM, what power rmcybernetics ignition coil would you recommend for this project, apart from car batteries? Without this the output would be limited and the driver circuit would be prone to failure.

Start on a very low volume rmcybernetics ignition coil test things out. Oh yes, it is also cased in this mystical substance called plastic! If you used insulated wire on the primary coil as we did, I would think the best way to tune it to try different capacitor values for C2 rmcybernetics ignition coil try varying the number of turns of wire in the primary coil.

DIY Ignition Coil Driver

You could also use snubbers. Thanks very much, Sam. It averages around 20kV.

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