May 3, 2018

In order to unlock the connector simply lift up the right side of the locking clip with your finger nail. Hope this is useful. I am trying to add an external power button to this laptop. I had just finished upgrading this puppy with new memory and a blazing fast hard drive and it was running great. When I release the screen many white points appears and go intesifying until turn white all screen.

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In order to replace the screen, you simply unplug the video vajo from the screen and replace it with a new one. I have an SR Will be really grateful. The backlight lamp gets power from the inverter board. Hi, First, great instructions. Remove three screw securing the palm rest. David, I just had a fan replaced from outside country and today Sony vaio vgn sz645 want to use 2nd monitor but my notebook cannot detect any monitors.

Can I reposition the LCD panel a little to the left? Thank you in advance and please reply. If i connect an external monitor it works perfectly and the Gpu problem is solved… but sony vaio vgn sz645 the LCD problem appeared. It is completely crazy and does crazy things by its own if I touch it. Any way to get smaller diameter risers for the screws?

Hi, my little brother recently dropped his laptop, although seemingly very light, the screen cracked. Thought it was included. Please tell me vgj to clean it. If you still cannot get any external image, check laptop memory.

Thanks for these great instructions. I replaced the screen but it is not lighting up. Vaioo the contact s get worn out or dirty?? Or I need to use the Norton Ghost?

Plug seem to go directly onto MOBO. I took apart the monitor sony vaio vgn sz645 but no loose wires. I would like to know what kind of LCD I have to buy. If not, this is not the video cable failure. Cleaned repeatedly with compressed air, but does not change anything. Just make sure to buy a new screen with the same resolution as the original one.

How to take apart Sony Vaio VGN-SZ series laptop

Is this a deal breaker? Remove four red screws securing sony vaio vgn sz645 switch cover. The sony vaio vgn sz645 Chime and the Logged in sound. So I am assuming it is either the inverter or the panel its not the video card because an external monitor works just fine.

I bought a faulty battery off of ebay emart. Is this the lcd screen or could it be another problem? You accidentally cracked the screen and it still was working fine except the cracked area. Does it have lines or any other problem too? Solid colours as desktop back ground are ok but with slightly different hue.

You cannot tell without testing the laptop with a known good inverter OR backlight lamp. I know I need a new screen. Thank you for this guide.

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ – Inside my laptop

John, The cooling fan is buried deep inside sony vaio vgn sz645 laptop. They have sony vaio vgn sz645 there for quite a while. I have another guide for this laptop explaining how to remove the keyboard. Sounds like a bad LCD screen. If I understand correctly, the backlight is off all the time but if you look very closely you still can see the image. First of all, I would try reconnecting the video cable.

Sounds like LCD screen failure.

Be careful, do not apply to much force because the the bezel is made of thin plastic.

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